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More caddis fishing 5/18


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They were scheduled to run about 3 units this morning so I took the boat up to a shoal that has been fishing good recently. The water was a bit high for safe wading so I anchored upstream of the area where the fish have been concentrating and had a good morning. Caught around 25 including some nice size rainbows, a decent brown and a nice cutthroat. It was interesting that I saw a number of trout come up to the fly and then turn away. I changed from the usual size 16 elk hair caddis to a size 18 and that seemed to be what they wanted. There were smaller caddis coming up with the bigger guys but they stayed on the water longer than the bigger ones. Got lots more takes with the 18 but also lost a few good ones due to the small hook. 
Here are a couple of the better ones...

DSCF8835 (2).JPG

DSCF8837 (2).JPG


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