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Don’t Ask Her For Details

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My wife said a guy was doing well fishing below the dam.

Be nice to say how he was rigged, what bait,  how many cast before hooking.

So seems they are biting below the dam.


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Tight-line swinging a 1/4oz. Cleo spoon into the Eddy's is catching hybrids and slab crappie. 

Roadrunners and 2.5-3" swimbaits on a 1/8-3/16-1/4oz. head (depending on the current) is catching literally everything that lives up there now (Whites, Hybrids, Crappie, Catfish, Walleye, LM).   

Look for those current seams where the fast and slower water meet. 👍.  And the closer to the bank where the current seam is.... the better.     Ignore the ones that are 30-40 yards off the bank unless you are targeting big Blues.

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