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7 Total Bites this Morning

Bill Babler

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Day began out of Kimberling City, at 0600. It was really dark

Started on  a bluff end way out but saw lots of shad right on the bank so I moved in super quick. 

By 0700 I had a really nice bag swimming a Berkley Surge Shad and a Spro Poppin Frog right on the bank. I mean under 5'. 

Had 5 that would weigh 14 plus, all LM and not skinny.  Caught everyone that bit. Hammered it, no doubt. 


Sad to say, but I was pretty much washed up at 0700. Had 2 dinks on a jig but other than that all I did was watch a guy trolling up some really nice walleye. 

Surface temps around KC at 80/81 degree way cooler than Shell Knob Big M was on Sunday. 

Put her on the trailer at 0900. 

Only 3 rigs in the Mill Creek lot when I put in and took out. 

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Beautiful overcast morning. Fishing for really over 2 hours without a bite during prime time makes your last sentence kind of mute. 

I was looking really for some fish in the KC area for a trip I have on Wednesday.  Didn't do my job and find any. 

Got extremely lucky in the dawn topwater deal. Seriously doubt I could replicate it with clients and for that matter a fishing trip is 4 hrs. Not 45 minutes. 

Hope others did better than me. 7 bites in 4 hours is pretty slim pickins, especially when 5 of them were luck. 

Be safe this weekend

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