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3/1/22 - Lower End - deja vu all over again

bobby b.

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Out at dark 30 again this morning - a bit warmer to start.  Yesterday's location showed no fish.  Moved to other main lake points looking.  About 7:45 caught a couple on a point so decided to just hang out there.  About 8 am it got all crazy for 25 minutes.  Caught SM and Kys at a ratio of 4 to 1, but also lost fish at a ratio of about 3 to 1.  The bite seemed strong but they would let go immediately after the bite or half way up.  The SM were all in the 3+ range and the Spots all keepers.  One fish broke my line halfway up, the drag was loose so I wonder what it was.   I know I had a good spot because the loons and gulls joined me for fishing or was it the pile of puked up bait fish all around my boat.  Water temperature still 44 degs.  A couple of boats out today.  Went looking around after the bite ended - nada.  Home by 9:30am.





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Bobby B, congratulations. Nice, healthy looking fish. 


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