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3/24/22 High School Field Trip Report


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I took 15 high schoolers down today for our annual field trip. There were some concerns on what the weather was going to do, but it turned out to be a pretty decent day. It was chilly, but the rain held off for the most part and the fish bit well. Every kid caught fish and several caught their limits. I ended up catching 15 on the black/yellow jig and most of the students caught there fish on the orange wacky worm. One of the students caught a solid 17-18" rainbow and another caught a short brown. There was a gentleman doing well on his fly rod where the swift water comes from the cable and meets the main river.

For whatever reason I couldn't hardly catch a fish on bait. Bait is usually the way to go when the water is dingy, but they seemed to want to eat something moving for us today.

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Great job @Seth on catching a bunch but more so in volunteering and taking the kids fishing! I'm  sure that they will remember today for a long time👍👍

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