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Another Tough Day

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Son Steven and I fished the tournament hours yesterday. We put nearly 50 bass in the boat with a Whopping 2 fish that were keepers, if 15” is the criteria. 

We fished shallow to deep and deep to shallow. It was pitiful.  Lots of those fish were under 10”. 

Cold wind early with surface temps at 68 degree. By noon the wake boats were just horrible at SK. 

Headed out the door now in the fog. Hope it’s better


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Way better day in the early morning fog yesterday. 

15 keepers mostly LM and Jaws. Best 5 probably pushing 14 pounds. 

Timing and Luck are my two keys. Just idled away from the H hiway ramp to the back of the first cove due to dense fog, made a cast, caught a fish and then it was on.  

They blew up and chased back there for over an hour, including a bunch of whites. 

Surge Shad, but I’m thinking an unbaited gold hook would have worked. 

These bass were working on gizzard shad. When the may lay was over there were at least 6 or 8 wounded shad kind of torn up and finning around on the surface. These shad were 5 to 8 inches in length. 

Had never seen this, so you can imagine what it was like back there. 

Later in the morning we found gills in large amounts and they were big.  Seem to be on the gravel in 15’ and under stacked up. 

Always better to be lucky than good. 


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