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Father and son time.

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I wanted to go see if I could make it to and from one of my micro creeks.  My son asked what I was doing. I asked if he wanted to join.  He said yes.  He caught the first fish,  the most fish and the biggest fish.  I was not successful in catching any darters.   I really wanted to break in the new micro rod.  Speaking of breaking, he caught something big enough to break my old micro rod. I caught a few chubs and a pretty longear sunfish.   We don't know what broke the rod, I'm tempted to go back and snag it with a treble hook.  We didn't have one with us and it is a bit of a hike for me right now.  










Money is just ink and paper, worthless until it switches hands, and worthless again until the next transaction. (me)

I am the master of my unspoken words, and the slave to those that should have remained unsaid. (unknown)

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             Yea Daryk and son!    Thanks for sharing with all of us.

"We have met the enemy and it is us",


   If you compete with your fellow anglers, you become their competitor, If you help them you become their friend"

Lefty Kreh

    " Never display your knowledge, you only share it"

Lefty Kreh

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    " One thing in life is for sure. If you are careful you can straddle the barbed wire fence but make one mistake and you will be hurting"


  P.S. "May your fences be short or hope you have long legs"


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