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What was it??


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Yesterday we fished out of Cape Fair and saw several boats and a bunch of people around a dock at Anglers Bend.  Later some of them passed us headed up river.  Most of the boats were wrapper or plastered with decals.  All of the boats had 3 people in them.  We also noticed a pontoon driving around and talking to them.  I couldn’t find anything about it on the tournament site.  

Was this a large group hiring guides or some kind of benefit function?  Just curious.

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It was a kids deal with the guy that started Lews back up (forgot his name - Reeves maybe). His dock is at Anglers Bend (owns the place across from Pete Wenners place) he has a bunch of pros come and take the kids out and spend time with them. I talked to him a couple weeks ago and he had 2 kids camps 2 weeks in a row - this was the 2nd week for it. Real nice guy.

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7 hours ago, Wesley said:

Where is anglers bend.  Relative to Bridgeport 

Down the lake - almost to Cape Fair.

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