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Happy 4th. Everyone

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God bless our nation and all the freedoms we have to follow life’s path as we wish. 

Thanks to our forefathers for the insight to provide these opportunities, and to our brave veterans that have helped secure them for us. 

God bless every one of you and yours on this special holiday. 

Just took a prime brisket off the smoker.   Ya.


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Noon but ya got to fight the neighbors 😀

Cooked a 10 pound point. Put it on the Camp Chef at 9pm. 
Mix of white oak, hickory and cherry for the smoke ring. 

Set the probe at 195 and the alarm woke me at 0500. Finished it at 202 the probe went in like butter. Resting it at 150 for 6 hrs.  Should be good. 

The difference between choice and prime is ridiculous. Then if you smoke a waygu it is totally crazy. 

You can find choice for $3.29, prime for $4.59 and waygu for $15.00 a pound. 


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Thanks, Bill.   Happy 4th to you and your family and to everyone else out there!     We are blessed to live in a free country and owe a great debt to all the men and women who sacrificed to give us this freedom.     

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  • Bill Babler changed the title to Happy 4th. Everyone

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