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Question for Fishinwrench

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I have to replace the pump up ball on the gas line to motor. Due to it loosing pressure at times and draining down.

Question is are they balls all the same now, for the ethanol fuel are there still different grades. My friend pick one up but it does not say for all fuels or ethanol safe on it anywhere. I know the fuel lines have been changed and I just do not want any problems.

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As far as the rubber composite they are made of....They are basically all the same.   Quicksilver's gray ones get hard as a rock, to the point that you can't squeeze them, and don't last as long, but that's actually a good thing because primer bulbs and fuel supply hoses should be refreshed after a few years regardless.  

If the fuel hose has "quick-connect" fittings.....they need to be periodically refreshed also.  They are only good for as long as the sealing O-ring inside them lasts. 

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