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Shuttlecocks on a rainy day

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6 minutes ago, fishinwrench said:

Oh God you stole her hair pick!  ?

The honeymoon is over NOW !!!!


      Me and my manliness went and bought that myself, you should of seen the me and my clean shaven head got! I do use a hair clip to clip long material on the vice. I did swipe that from her and it has disappeared. Bet she repossessed and I need to get into stealth mode and see if I can swipe it back :)

      So got the heads fabric painted. When dry tomorrow I will install the eyes and they will be done,





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     Body materials from the rear mostly buck tail and saddle hackles. Head is a large dubbing loop of material similar to EP fibers spun up and wrapped to the eye. Head coated with fabric paint. Here is a tutorial. Not mine though. http://www.themidwest-drift.com/stouffers-shuttlecock

   As you can see mine are somewhat different. I take mine to the max you might say.


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