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11/6/18 Fishing Report

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Little Red Fisherman made the long drive over from the flatlands to fish Lake Norfork with me. We got started fairly early out of Red Bank. It was Bret’s first trip to Norfork and I was determined to fish the entire lake in 8 hours, Lol.

We started catching fish right away, but not really the size I wanted. We actually caught fish everywhere we tried. One of my first few fish was a small meanmouth which was fun.

I had hoped for a crankbait bite, but I did not find much of one. We caught a small number of small fish on cranks.

ned rig and trd craw got bit all day from 5-20 foot deep. We didn’t fish bluffs very much. I kept dragging us back into creeks. 

We also found a few fish that ate jerk baits. I did my good with a McStik 95 in Blue Bandit. Bret used his signature Megabass 110 Jr. We would see fish herding Shad and fool the, with jerkbaits. Lots of big schools of big Shad too, but nothing was abusing those.

I found a creek with lots of good brush piles and good Crappie numbers. I caught 3 small walleye in a row while jigging vertically for Crappie. Added a few waypoints. 😃

We were relocating when we stumbled into some mixed White Bass and Stripers. Some Big Stripers ate in front of us, but not for us. We did get a bunch of sow White Bass to eat. Swim baits, jerk baits, and WP 90.  I did get one small Striper to hand.

A rare day where I was having so much fun, but time didn’t fly by. I wish it could have been a 14 hour day, but I didn’t feel shorted. Lots of laughs and lots of fish. Don’t let Bret’s sand bagging fool you, he knows how to fish and always manages to catch his full share. 

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That sounds about like my last outing I have been trying to type one up, but this work thing keeps popping up.  We put in at Red bank on the 30th to a stiff south wind about 10-15 mph all day and caught the whites fairly easy on a small crank or a trap, and even caught the quad-fecita of bass species.  The water was clear up past Udall and stained from Red Bank up to Udall area, If we stayed in the wind and stain you could almost call your shot, we fished from 8 am - 2 pm  Good job 

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Man I just saw this Ham, sorry I’m late to the party, but yes was a fantastic day.  I’m not a big lake guy.  I hold my own on the small lakes in hardy and Cherokee village but Norfork I have little experience!  Ham knows his way around and put us on some active fish.  The white bass frenzy wa awesome.  Even nailed one on a plopper.  Ham is the best angler I’ve fished with and also th best I’ve seen about sharing some tactics.    He’s right when he says if I lived closer my wife might not like him as well.  Ha ha.   Great day.  Here’s a few more pics.  




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