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Cape Fair 9/3/18

Put in at 6:30. Water was nice and calm. Just a beautiful day to be fishing. I threw some cranks, buzzers, worms and jigs. I had the best luck on the buzzers. Ended with 3 keepers, lost a 4 or so at the boat when I was grabbing the net - man was I mad.  I lost another close to the boat that was pushing 6 I bet. It was a tank. Definitely the biggest fish this year for me. Water temp was 82. Fished until 10:45.  Lake should calm down after today - and I can't wait!!



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50 minutes ago, Bill Babler said:

Thanks for the report.  I'm going to journey up the James this week and see if I can help you battle those biggins.

That's good. Let me know how you do - and don't catch all of them.

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Got out today around KC probably only caught 12 total.  Had 4 keepers, lost one over 4lbs.  Caught 2 on spinnerbait, one on toad and one on a swim bait.  Pretty slow for me, but it sure beat being at school.  Been tough lately on the Rock.. Bull Shoals has been better for bites and shallow fishing.  Fished our club down there the last 3 months, been able to catch a limit shallow every time.  Should get better when it cools down, I hope.  Good luck when you get to go.

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