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Weekend Recap

The Jefferson County Hawg Hunters had their annual TR tourney out of Schooner Creek to beautiful prefishing weather Thursday/Friday with high winds and temps in 70s/80 turning to sleet/snow today with highs in 30s as we wrapped up at 11 am. We fished a full day Saturday and 5 hours today. The fishing was reported slow for everyone as we went into the tourney. My long time friend and high school buddy and I had 3-4 banks we had confidence in. We had 2 patterns and the plan was to get a limit and then upgrade. To get our limit was throwing the Ned rig as that is all we could get bit on with any consistency, then go to the big wind and slow roll spinnerbaits in the trees as we caught 3 bigger fish doing this but bites were far and few. Our Ned rig banks were 3/4 way back in coves on flatter mix rock banks that we found that were not in the heavy winds. Even had a 3 lb spot on a spook in the gut of a pocket prefishing Friday as we saw a couple fish busting shad. My buddy had his limit out of the front of the boat both days and he let me try to get my limit each day and scrapped the bigger fish spinnerbait bite. We had to use a heavy head to keep the Ned on bottom, believe it was 1/5. We ended up taking 1st (22.24 lb.) and 2nd (15.30 lbs) along with big boat with 37+ lbs. all on 2 banks. Bite was a mix of all 3 species, love catching those smallies and big ole Ks. 




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55 minutes ago, Quillback said:

Congrats on some great fishing.  

You are an inspiration to wimps like me that stayed in the house this weekend and watched baseball and hockey instead of getting out there in that stinking wind.  

I dunno about "inspiration" Quill - maybe a reminder of bygone days but now it's more of a "confirmation" that we made the right call!

Once a guy's reached the point where breaking a hip is a serious daily concern it's probably better to stay on the porch than to try and run with the young/big dogs!

At least you watched hockey!

Good job guys.

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