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  1. I really tried to commit to throwing jerk baits most of the day today. I don't get to come down and fish very often so I have a hard time trying something different. I must say I have a few thoughts after a day of doing it. 1. my wrist is tired. 2. how can a fish hit a lure with 9 hooks on it and not get hooked? 3. Just down from the Acacia club boat ramp I had one hit it, I set the hook, immediately the drag screamed for about 2 seconds then pop the line snapped. I assume that poor trout will be stuck wearing my jerkbait forever? 4. I cought more "small fish" than I expected on such a big bait. 5. I did catch good sized fish. I ended the day with 5 over 18" 6. Phil was coming home from one cast and told me I was getting closer to a hotspot for throwing the jerk baits. As he was throttling up I set the hook on my first brown I have ever caught on Taneycomo. He wasn't a monster but at 15.5" he sure made me happy. What pound test line do you guys typically use for throwing the jerk baits? Do you prefer Mono or flouro for it? I had a heck of a lot of fun today. I sure wish I made it down here more than once every other year.
  2. When you are targeting these big browns what line are you using?
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