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  1. Jholder, you couldn't of said it any better! Champ188 I've kept my mouth shut for years seeing you post this bogus WHAT HAVE YOU EVER WON ??!!!!!?? You act like you're this high headed pro, dude you're on here posting pictures of a 10 lb ned rig limit??? Like seriously that's not impressive at all. An a rig is the most level played lure on the market, just because you throw it and struggle doesn't mean you should take away from the guys who have put in the time with it. What's the difference with a jig, or a crank bait?? You go down the bank chunking and winding a crankbait? Isn't that a dumb mindless bait?? Maybe It should be banned. I've honestly yet in 7 years to hear a valid excuse (besides from a pyschial standpoint) of why the a rig should be banned, it always boils down to nobody has one so they use the "I'm too good" "it's too easy" junk. If I'm spending my time away from my family I'm out there to catch as many and as big of fish as I possibly can, if I had to catch 5 little line burner ky's on a ned rather than catch many more numbers and much better quality on an arig I'd just stay home and watch the paint dry. My .02
  2. This is a bogus post IMO, a big part of tournament fishing is the suspense of weigh in. Constantly questioning what you've got, weighing them in at the stage, heck getting to open the live well and check on them. Tournaments have been conducted this way for eons and it hasn't seemed to effect the fishing. For the most part there is a very small percentage of lost fish during these traditional weigh in's, even in the heat of summer. Now for comparing larger team trail tournaments to kayak tournaments? That's about like comparing squirrel hunting to elk hunting
  3. Putting restrictions on who can fish a benefit tournament is one of the silliest things I've ever seen/heard of.
  4. I hear rig haters say this but they never have valid excuses to back their statements up, it's a technique just like jig fishing, sight fishing, etc. some have invested time and effort in learning this technique where (as a general rule) the old timers stuck in their ways haven't. I just can't wrap my brain around it, I'm not trying to start a fight I'm just trying to get answers why it's such a hated bait.
  5. May I ask why it's the worst thing for tournament fishing?
  6. Has anyone been seeing any while fishing?? More importantly any with a rocking chair strapped to the top of there head? I've seen several does in the backs of pockets, just no bucks in a while.
  7. I personally watched Watson catch his 5 lber and the majority of his weight on a black toad, and the last day I watched wheeler throwing a spook. I got wore out just watching him for 15 minutes lol. The dude walks one faster than anyone I've ever seen.
  8. 5bites that was epic. Lol There is absolutely nothing wrong with cleaning bass within moderation, now am I saying to cut the sides off a 5lb black or 4 lb smallmouth. No. Or to keep a limit every trip of the year? No. But cleaning some kentuckies and a line burner male black or brownie isn't harming a dang thing, seriously there is 1000's of 15 inch KY's in the rock.
  9. Maybe you should bite back?
  10. Sorry, I will apologize for that. It was an inside joke taken too far.
  11. Mike Tyson understands the epic flavor of a big ol bucket mouth bass!
  12. Typical humans, quick to jump to conclusions but don't completely know the facts. I'll cut the sides off a bass whenever I have the desire, so if the judgements are based on that then you need to revalue yourself.
  13. I'm clueless as to why you gentlemen are harassing and accusing? Can a brotha not brag
  14. Brownies are pretty decent to eat, and the troll part nah. I've just been reading and finally catch something worthy of bragging about so I'm going to take the opportunity and use it as an excuse to join!
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