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Top Water Rod? Suggestions


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Thinking about upgrading my top water gear. Suggestions? Would like to keep the rod in the $100 or less range. Prefer pistol grip but not married to it. What are you guys using? Length, etc would help.

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Stcroix PS76MLF 7'6" ML Fast 1 4 - 10 1/8 - 1/2 4.2 5 $ 120

Or if you use a baitcaster PC76HF 7'6" H Fast 1 12 - 25 1/2 - 1 1/2 5.9 4 $ 150

I have and use both and love them.

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Not a pistol, and somewhat above the price range you stated, but we all tend to move up somewhat.

Falcon Cara-Reaction

Cara Jerkbait Special CCB-4 165JBS $189.99

Action M

Flex MH

Fuji Guides 9

Line Wt. 8-17#

Lure Wt. 1/4 to 1/2

Length 6'5"

Grip Split

This is my go to rod for any type of a topwater splasher, chugger, or darter. It is a great Jerkbait rod and is also a very good spoon rod. It completely snaps the head of a spook and makes it dance. You can throw it a mile as the MH Flex lets the tip load and it just catapults the spook or yellow magic.

Just abit undersized for a fin as I throw my fins on braid or 20 pound mono.

If I can use a rod for multiple baits like this one, I'm pretty happy.

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me and bill are on the same page with that one i personally use the old 6 1/2 falcon original in a med. hvy. ive tried the longer rod and it just seems to be more work in it than with the shorter rod. i also use the same rod for jerkbaits on occasion AND... you can still buy them at academy for about 85 or 90 bucks. im too cheap to pay all that money for the cara when i don't really need all the sensitivity in the world you could also go with the low rider and be in the mid level price range for about 130 bucks give or take

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What length and power do you want? Mine are all short 5' with a 4" straight grip built for canoe fishing...but I think I want one thats just a bit longer..5.6" or so..Northfork Composites (Gary Loomis's new company) Makes some 5'6" blanks for $125 or so...will probably pick one up for a project this winter.

If your fishing from a bass boat..you probably want a longer rod. Might look at mudhole.com...MHX blanks are pretty good and reasonable $40-50 for a blank...should be able to build one out for $100 or so. Rainshadow blanks by Batson are good too..bit more, but good rods.

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Falcon buco for your price.

When they first came out, I had almost the entire line and for the life of me, I just could not get along with them. Those rods, and I know they were built for a price point, but they just really lack preformance. Most have an extremely flat tip and for topwater that is just the wrong deal. I had one ot the Buco jerkbait rods and just could not get the preformance I think I need.

The Original and the LowRider, are price more modestly and will suit the bill. You do gain quite abit of weight and loose some response but both are excellent rods around that $100. figure.

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