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Opening Day At Montauk


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Oh my, definitely not for me. When I even see anybody on the stream I feel like it is too close. I will take the trophy area during the week in Winter anytime.

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Eh, its like Mardi Gras. Probably not for me either, but an interesting experience to try once anyway. Just to watch the people.

Gavin once suggested an idea of going down there for the opener with a bunch of buddies . . . each of us all dressed up in some crazy costume. After some early morning cocktails . . . could you imagine Abraham Lincoln wearing his stovepipe hat wedges his elbows in between some way too serious fly-fishermen and starts chuckin cheese worms. Or dressed up as a gorilla in a full body suit, wade right out into the water in one of those really crowded holes and starting grunting and beating your chest at people as you snag their lines intentionally and acting like its their fault . . .

Seems like the perfect atmosphere to really have some fun and just be a part of the insanity.

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ColdWaterFser the only problem I see with that is that 90% of these guys think this is trout fishing at it's best! LOL

Take a Child Fishing they are the future of the sport.

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Yeah CWF -- I'd do it for sure. It's a Saturday next year -- even better.

For the naysayers, it's not about fishing really. It's a chance to shake off the shack-nasties while pretending to fish. Since there's about a 50-50 chance the weather will be miserable, you can fish the first 30 minutes then call it a day. Drink a little brown likker, smoke a stogie er two, fart with with folks who appreciate it, eat greasy fried foods, tell some lies, play some cards, whatever.

Gawd I do love it so.


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