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Great Day Of Fall Bronze...


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Met Mitch this morning for a bit of fishing...What a great day! Was a bit of work to sort through a good number of dinks and the occasional 12" till the big ones turned...Mitch has that place wired...great jet boater...he ran some tricky shoals, and I never had pucker factor....we caught a couple nice fish to boot...Mitch got a couple on top in the warm spots, some jerkbait fish for both of us...but it was the jig bite...some pics....got my best of the year...and second best...Mitch caught one in between and very nice....All were measured...you guess.





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Yes, pure awesomeness. Reading this as i'm about to go to work this morning, pure torture guys... Suppose to get rained out again next week, if the river isn't blowed out, looking forward to a good jerkbait bite!! Looks like a lot of leaves blew off in the wind, was is bad enough to affect the Jet yet?

There's no such thing, as a bad day fishing!

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The only other boat we saw yesterday was a guy in a jet boat that passed us. As he passed he waved and we waved back....I noticed he had a little yapper type doggie in the boat with him. Five minutes later we heard him coming back. As he passed we waved again and he was going full tilt upstream and was pointing down to the middle of his boat. I noticed a nice little fountain rising up from the center of the boat. Apparently he nailed a big rock and ripped a hole in his boat! Ouch

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They look 19 ish, nice fish.

His father touches the Claw in spite of Kevin's warnings and breaks two legs just as a thunderstorm tears the house apart. Kevin runs away with the Claw. He becomes captain of the Greasy Bastard, a small ship carrying rubber goods between England and Burma. Michael Palin, Terry Jones, 1974

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Thanks gents...and many thanks Mitch...We put in a long day on the water...Put in around 9:30am and fished till a little after 4pm, no lunch break, then a long run back to ramp as we were losing light. Leaves were thick...Mitch had to clean the jet pump a couple times during the day...and at least 5 times on the way back. I'm sure that older gentlemen wasn't the first person to eat it in that shoal. There were lots of shiny spots on those rocks.

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