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You don't see the youngsters because they are doing 70 mph and wearing buffs. But they are out there.

I don't think it is aging out, actually. If anything, I think it might be growing...for those that want to, get on instagram and search "fishing." There are millions of photos posted with that tag ad

i'm 28, i grew up playing video games and really not caring about fishing. as i got older i started to appreciate the simpler things in life. When i started fishing again i found within it new amazeme

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I honestly don't think so. I fished with several of my daughters high school friends and another young man that was a couple of years out of high school last year. I also fished with another handful of guys under 35. These were all ppl that fished, but weren't really all that experienced.

I would certainly agree it is less universal than when I was growing up, but it is up to fishermen to share the sport.

Every Saint has a past, every Sinner has a future. On twitter @Ham66

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Yep, too many electronics. They don't have the desire to do anything anymore. My oldest is really getting bad on it and he used to keep an eye on me like a hawk in case I was going somewhere so he didn't get left behind. Now he plays on his electronics at school, then after getting off the bus. It's a sad state for these younger generations.

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i think more would if given the chance. everyone is in such a hurry now days. Crap families dont even sit down at the dining room table like we did when i was growing up. ive taken an interest in the local high school fishing teams recently and the kids ive met are becoming pretty good sticks. The young lady that fishes with Randy Conlin smokes my butt everytime I have to fish against her!!!

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