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Viney to Pt. 22 3-21


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We started out around Viney (which is still locked) in 50.1 water temps. Picked up 8 on the spring craw and phantom brown rock crawler on main lake points, secondary points and along the inside banks of main points. Fish were not in the shallows for us today in the areas we fished. By 3pm water had warmed up to 54.6 by pt. 22. Last tuesday the wt around pt.22  was 60 degrees. We caught only 4 on the spinner. One chunky Kentucky was our only keeper. Water had a greenish tint with about 4' visibility. Wind blew up to 20 and more at times and then finally settled down later in the day. All  fish were in the 8 to 12 fow. I hope to fish the kings first thing in the morning if the gusty winds aren't blowing.

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Bigmo, thanks for the information. Good luck in the Kings. 


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5 minutes ago, Champ188 said:

I'll take a windy day over a calm one anytime on Table Rock.

By Golly, Champ, today was your day then. I was out for three hours in my tin boat and I had all I could handle.

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5 hours ago, dtrs5kprs said:

It's never a good day to mow.

Agreed.  No yard slaves here.  Of course, we won't ever win the neighborhood lawn contest either. :). I'm encouraging a young business owner by my weekly check.  

Donna Gilzow

Bella Vista, Arkansas

The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope.

--John Buchan, 1915

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42 minutes ago, dtrs5kprs said:

There is a point though...

Exactly.  Can think of a few trips where it was either stupid to try to fish or downright dangerous.  

One instance a few Aprils back I was fishing in the back of Brushy Creek with my brother in our boat, father and uncle in another, about 75 yards apart. Was probably low 40's air temp and wind came HOWLING straight down the gut like a 44 halfback dive. I mean flag cracking gusts and sustained high winds. Had to tie off to a tree with rope and continued casting for crappie but was useless really as wind would just pull the jig to the surface with the bowed line. Looked over down the bank at the other boat and uncle was laying in the bottom of the boat trying to get out of the wind and elements. He had thrown in the towel and the man hunts in below freezing temps with snow on the ground in tennis shoes. Was just stupid to try to fish in that situation.

Another time a front came rolling in as I was pulling in on the bluff end out in front of Moonshine beach. Again, wind speeds picked up to around 20+ mph with gust touching 30ish and within 5 minutes it was whitecap city. This was also in April and I stuck a nice 3lb smallie on a McStick first cast and knew it was going to be good with the current and wind on that point. Made one or two more cast and I had to pull the troller and get out of there. I left them biting as I just couldn't hold the boat and it was dangerous at that point with rollers coming over the troller and bow from the large section of the main lake. 

Moral of the story sometimes it is just not worth it. Live to fish another day.

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