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Weekend of 4/2-4/3


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Got down to the lake to fish a small Buddy Bass tournament with my brother this past weekend and apologize for the late report.  I am an avid reader but rare contributor and wanted to share what we were able to figure out if anything...

Got down to Four Seasons late Wednesday night and got out around 7:30am on Thursday morning in our rented boat.  Found quite a bit of wind right off the bat but had no idea how that would increase throughout the weekend.  Didn't venture too far as we wanted to see if we could figure anything out close to home.  Within a couple of hours we had several keeper SM on multiple baits (SB, Ned, Wart) but quickly figured out that the little Varmint was getting a lot more bites and the fish were of good quality.  Old haunts were holding fish so we headed up the James to between pts 11 and 12 and had a hard time getting bit at all.  One here and there on a SB but not much so we headed back down short of pt 10 and the bite was back on.  In all, 24 fish with 11 good solid keepers.  Nothing over 4lbs but 6 or 7 healthy 2.5-3.5lb fish (all SM and LM - no spots).

Friday was much tougher for us...fished some new areas down river and caught about 25 with only 4 keepers - none were anything to write home about.  Threw everything at them including all the things that worked so well the day before.  Could not come up with a pattern.

Saturday was derby day and we started out at a few of the Thursday spots...wind was howling early and never stopped. That being said we had 2 nice keeps in the first 30 mins on the Ned but the bite shut off as soon as Mr. Sun came up.  Bluebird conditions like no other but we had wind so we started pitching the little guy into some empty dock stalls near where we were fishing.  Action was fast and furious but most were undersized.  They were just stacked up in there and caught 7 fish from 4 different stalls in about 30 mins...on nice keeper smallie and a juicy 15 1/2" spot.  So sitting on 4 we ventured out looking for more.  Wound up catching one more 16" LM around 3pm on the SB and that was that.  5 for 11.5lbs was all we could do.  Turned out that had in 4th spot out of 60 boats heading to Sunday.

Started Sunday right back where we started Saturday and BAM!  2 good solid keeper on about 5 casts...both on Ned...Sun up...then nothing.  Tried the docks again...nothing.   Started moving around the lake thinking we had ideas on how to fish that building gale and high sun and still nothing but small fish.  Caught 14 undersized fish by noon weigh-in but no more keepers.  Turned out, everyone struggled as only one limit turned in and we only lid one spot to 5th with our 2 keeps for 5lbs.

Overall, a great trip with my brother...cant wait to come back down on the 15th for a relaxing week of fishing after that full moon and not tourney to fish. 

Fished mainly from Point 9 up to Point 12.  Most fish came shallow (5-12 ft) on SB and Ned with some cranks (squarebill, wart) and a few on a 1/2oz underspin rigged with a small Keitech.  Water temps started out at between 52 and 54 each morning and warmed up to 56-57 each day.  Not much change despite those two very cold nights.  We did find some 59 degree water where it was just getting murked up and smashed against a really windy bank but only managed a couple of small LM on a SB in those areas.

Thanks to all on this forum for the information you all share.  It gives an angler like me who can only get down there a few times a year somewhere to begin when we come down which ultimately makes it much more enjoyable for us.  Kudos and CNR!







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Gary, congratulations on the 5th place finish.  Nice pictures of the fish.  Flexibility was definitely the key this past weekend.


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I fished the same Derby.We were second place with Big Bass the first Session and the we were horrible the last two with a skunk in the afternoon on Saturday and only one keeper on Sunday. Ended up 8th overall. We are here until this Friday, then we are heading back up to winter like weather in Michigan. The weather has been great, but for some reason the fishing has been very tough. Last Friday I caught some nice fish, but there was no solid pattern or location. Caught them from Piney Creek to point 9. More fish  on a jerk bait, but the few bigger fish on an A Rig. we are catching fish each day, but nothing real big and they have been scattered.


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