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Crappie on the banks


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Fished kings river this past weekend Sat/Sun/Mon.  Me and my dad absolutely smashed em catching 180 crappie in 3 days.  Stopped each day when we hit 60 and went home.    Half were keepers half we dinks.    Bobber/minnow 2-3 ft down throwing 5-7 ft off the bank on anything in the water would yield a fish or two it seems.  Fishing log jams mostly.  Some coves had em, some didn't.  One cove they were just freaking everywhere and another one we went to not even 1 bend up the lake had nothing, go figure.  Caught 5 slabs at 2 pounds, biggest going 15.5 inches.   I'll post pics when I have time.   Sunday the big fish bit and we caught 8 or so over 13 inches but Saturday/Monday we only had a few at 13-14 inches, nothing over 14 that day.   Not sure how many bass we caught, probably 20 a day.  Nothing huge but my dad did have one that broke his line because his drag wasn't set.  Our best guess is a fish in the 3-5 lb range. 

Water temps 60-62.

I'll post up pics when I have time.  Just wanted to get this report up.










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Sounds like you had a dandy 3 days. I had the same pattern on Saturday morning throwing jigs on the bank. Get it right on the bank and work it out to 5-10 feet and generally I had a fish. Had to wade through quite a bit of shorts though compared to you. Ironically enough we pulled into one small cove with a log jam in it and caught several fish on back to back cast and had probably 20 on the same spot but didn't catch a single fish over 10 in that one spot. Caught several good gills too. 

My hope is this weekend after the good weather things will be even better.

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Good job, sounds like you had a great weekend of fishing.  I hope to get after them this weekend.

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Nice report. Good to hear we have crappie in TR. I envy you being able to spend quality time with your father out on the lake making memories. Cherish the time because it goes way to fast. 

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