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I need some trolling motor help for my yacht

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Today I was fishing like usual in my 8' pond prowler (yacht) when I looked down to see my wiring smoking.

This is what I have.

8' prowler wired to put battery in back and troller in front.  It has an adapter plug to plug in the motor up front and  the marine wire nuts were near flames.  Limped back to the truck on low so it didn't start on fire.  I've been fishing this setup for 3 years.

I have a Minn Kota Endura C2 55 lb thrust, a Bass Pro XPS power series AGM deep cycle 140 battery.  The plug receptor up front says Max 30 amp draw.

The wires say 10 AWG Marine SAE J378C 105C J1128 GPT 60 volt maximum.  There is a squeeze on yellow dealio 12-10.

Since the boat is 8' long that is how long the wiring is.  The wire nuts were nearly in flames.

I looked at the manual for 55 lb thrust and it says;

Max Amp Draw 50, Circuit Breaker 60 Amp@12 VDC, Wire Extension 10 ' 6 AWG.

I bought this whole setup at one time from Bass Pro from one of the people that work there.

Pics attached and please let me know what's wrong.  

Thanks, Pete





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I'd say you need to use a heavier gauge wire.  A 55 lb. thrust motor will pull a lot of amps and 10 gauge wire is probably not heavy enough.  I used 8 gauge on a similar setup in my 14 foot Jon boat where the battery is in the back and the trolling motor is on the bow and it is only a 35 lb. pull trolling motor.  I haven't had any problems but of course I don't have the trolling motor on for long distance runs as I also have a  15 HP outboard on it.  Actually, you may even want to move up to 6 gauge.


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The heat occurred at the wire nuts, correct?  No other signs of heat anywhere else?

Heat in a circuit is caused when there is unusual resistance (wire too small, loose or dirty connection, ect)  Wire Nuts on stranded wire are bad news.  Use Butt Connectors and coat them with liquid tape.    Using wire nuts is akin to bending a garden hose..... Pressure (heat) builds up there.

If you think your wire is too small, or you question a connection then run the motor awhile IN THE WATER OF COURSE and feel the wire and any splices in various spots to see if any excessive heat is building up.   If it is then you need to address it.  

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Did you catch any fish before the wires fried?

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