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Baxter 5-18

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Not a lot to report, we caught lots of fish on a variety of baits, neds, jigs, drop shots, topwater. A few keepers nothing huge or pic worthy. lots of 12" smallmouth, They are full of fight, dont want to give up. Also caught my first Trout in Table Rock 17". He ate a ned.    Where would that trout have came from, i caught him withing a 1/4 mile of the Baxter ramp. Someone told me that when Dogwood Canyon floods some trout get to Table Rock, Where does that come out?.................and as always sorry for the sideways pic. Has anybody figured out how to make them turn up right?

image1 (12).JPG

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Nice trout.  That Ned is a Table Rock trout magnet.  I think I have caught 3 on it in the last 2 years.  Of course, there are likely to be a few trout in the White river arm with them being stocked up river by Arkansas and Roaring river eventually draining into the White channel also.

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