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TR for this weekend 4-6 to 4-9


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Dropping a place holder here.  Just a few hours away until I head down with my cuz FMCBrandon.  We are going to try and hit it hard and fish through the evening tonight down in the trophy area.  Will be fishing all day Friday and all night too and syncing up with Phil to fish the tournament on Saturday.  

I'll try better this time to keep a live blog going of our hopefully plentiful catches.  Hopefully we'll get a chance to meet up with some fellow forum members too.  If anyone wants to join us for the night bite we always like the company, and it really is an awesome time to fish.  We'll be in a white trailblazer, and I'll be the ugly bald guy in a red cardinals hoodie :), so stop by and say hi or shoot me an IM!  We generally only fish the trophy section at night.


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Hit the water around 2:00am.  Had one little dink so far on a stick bait.  No generation and we're still trying to find some to get dialed in.

Got a bit chilly tonight... Going to have some awesome weather this weekend though.  Taking a break for a bit, then we're heading back at it.

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Fishing was tough for us today.  We made the run up to point Royale right as they shut the generation down.  We picked up a few here and there, and Brandon stuck a nice fat 16 incher on a jig.  Had a few decent fish on the stick bait today, and saw a ton of fish, but we couldn't convince them to bite.

Heading back out now for the evening.

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Fished last evening and didn't have much luck again.  Waters been off forever it seems like...

Today was a great day however.  We headed to Phil's early and participated in the CAM tournament.  

We boated up to trophy area to start, and although I had a rough morning, FMCBrandon  my cuz was doing really well on a small 1/32 olive jig.  

There were still tons of small fish traveling in huge herds up and down the narrows.  I finally switched to a smaller black jig and started picking up fish consistently.  15 inch was our biggest however and most were around 10 or 12.   

I could never catch up to Brandon and he ended up in 4th place overall with 27 total.

A special thanks to Phil for hosting such a great tournament for an even greater cause.

Finishing up dinner now, and we hope we can maybe finally get a night but going tonight...

I'll post some pics of my other phone here eventually...

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Our last night things were getting back to what I call a normal night.  We started up by the cable and first cast I hooked into a 4lb Walleye...  He was fiesty which is unusual as most of my walleye catches they sort of just mosey in to ya.  After releasing him it wasn't long before I started catching some bows.  Size was definitely bigger, but I think our biggest bow this weekend was 16 inches... so not much in the way of big ones.

Caught some more of the lake stockers too, and it seemed like no matter where you went the lake was full of those guys travelling up and down in big herds.

Back to reality now though... Looking forward to my next trip down already. :)  I'll post some pics here when phones get booted up.

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