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A couple of good line pulls on the Upper End


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I was on the water at 5:30 this morning. Not much of a top water bite for me. I worked hard to catch three. Happily one was around three pounds and wanted to jump.


Later I started jigging a white War Eagle spoon. I caught a bluegill, a cigar sized walleye, and then I got hit by a freight train. A two pound white bass was determined to take my spoon away from me.

After I grew tired of jigging I trolled deep for walleye. All I accomplished was burning gas. By 11:30 I was too hot and quit.

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I was out early put in at Shell Knob fished towards Eagle Rock. Whites and small spots were hitting TW over the channel by the island,  killed some time chasing them. Must be a poor fisherman, could not find any on roll offs or flats. Ended up spooning and dropshot into deep docks to find any keepers.

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22 hours ago, Quillback said:

Nice one.  I am at a stage in my fishing life, where if I catch a 3 lber on a top water, I call it a good morning to be fishing.

I think that is true for the both of us!

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