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Gotta love Stockton.....

Steve McBasser

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It seems like we always catch a real mixed bag of fish every time we go to Stockton anymore. My buddy Gary had back surgery (again) and is still recooperating so I had to go fishing by myself. I prefer a partner of course but with Gary out of commission and Dollar Bill out of town...... at about 11pm on Wednesday evening I decided to go by myself. The alarm was set for 5am but I woke up 20 minutes early so I hopped up and put the coffee on. The closer I got to the lake the denser the fog got.  It was a little bit challenging to get the boat launched by myself but with all the seats folded down in the Pilot I was able to crawl through and do what needed to be done. The fog had me stymied for the first hour or so, so I fished close to the ramp. No worries, I caught a limit of whites while the fog was thick just hanging close. When the sun finally burnt through the fog it got bright and hot pretty quick. No worries again.....the whites don't seem to care so I caught another limit over the next two to three hours. Wound up with two limits of whites, 25 largemouth, 1-walleye, 1-crappie, and an eight pound carp. By this time I know you think I'm telling stories.....that's why I always take pictures. "No pictures...it never happened." Now to throw another monkey wrench in the "believe it or not" works, I caught everything on my 5' medium light extreem bass pro rod with 4 pound test line, with a 3/16 oz bass pro XTS rattle shad...... It was a great day.  





















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Looks like a good day. :)

I caught probably 20 crappie on Tuesday night before the storm. Only six keepers though.

Went again tonight, caught 5 keeper crappie, a bass, and a short walleye. The trolling bite is starting to heat up again.

Talked to a nice guy in a bay boat at the ramp, said he had done pretty good with the walleyes.


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