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Went from 2-7 for the afternoon! 

Im a youth pastor, so thank God it gets dark later so I can justify the drive to get down here

we caught 13 fish. Mostly on jerk bait.

5 keepers going between 13-14lbs be my guess between me and two buds (one zeroed)

The LM is 18-1/2 

that’s me with the KENTUCKY 17 1/4. 
i did a Poor job holding it closer to the camera 

Smithwick will still catch em my friends. 

Who knows one of those $30 ones we probably would have had 20+ fish and lbs lol


thank you guys for posting. Have a Great fishing season 



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Love me some rogues! I have tinkered with and modified every model in some way or another just for fun. One neat trick is to cut out the factory lip on a floating model and replace it with a larger square bill lip, add a feathered treble to the rear, now you have a cool wake bait👍 Buzzbait and a floating rogue were the first two baits I learned how to use. Still have some of the old floaters all scratched up with teeth marks and bent hooks. They have been retired for over 30 years now in a display case. Can't lose those baits,too much sentimental value .


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