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Some June 1 striper fishing


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I've got a milk run set up, several locations that I've found stripers at fairly consistently this spring.  I start out close to Indian creek and work my way up lake to point 5 if I can't find them at Indian.  Made it to point 5 today as there weren't very many near Indian.  There weren't a lot of blow ups today, but I was fortunate to catch them on the few bites I got, caught 2 on top and one on a Keitech.  Still getting 5 lbers on average, but I think the Keitech fish may have been pushing 7.  

Caught a few black bass too on top and on the Keitech, didn't get any good ones to the boat but had a couple that were decent keeper sized that jumped and tossed the Keitech.

Bite pretty much died about 8 AM.  

WT 71.







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10 minutes ago, Johnsfolly said:

@Quillback nice stripers buddy! I also like when you get a double with two fish fighting over the same bait:D.

I love doubles, especially the on top ones.

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Went back today, it was a little slower for the stripers.  My buddy caught one about 6 lbs. and due to either knot or line failure I lost one - I could tell it was probably one of those 5 lbers, not some giant.  A lot of it is a guessing game, you maybe have 2-3 hours of prime top water activity early in the AM and if you don't find them quickly it's tough.  We just could not find them today in good numbers.

The real kick in the pants was that when we got back to the Indian creek launch there was a guide boat and another boat that looked to be a guide pulling bait right out in front of the launch and we saw them boat one.  Probably could've fished out in front of the launch and done better than making a five mile trek down the lake.  Chasing these fish can be frustrating at times.

Black bass bite was decent today, we caught 15 or so, mainly spotted bass on top water and Keitechs.  They are schooled up in places and when you get on them you can get some fast action.

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Fished the same area today as well.....we found some fish in a cove past point five. Several hookups but the only thing we could boat was a 4lb gar and a couple smaller bass. 

We got there late and the guide boat was already there when we launched......was hoping to stay close to the point as we had been catching them right there at the launch several weeks ago but didn't want to sit right on top of them. 

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