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Houseman 2/26-2/27 in it for the long haul

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Launched at Houseman on the 26th approximately 5pm. Immediately went upstream and every single downstream boat said bite was tough. Searched and searched without a sniff until about 8:30pm and packed up and headed downstream. Fished until about 12 am downstream without a sniff.

Made a call....going with confidence in a spot and presentation/bait.  Let me tell you at 12am the tailwater is an empty place. Its just you, the fish, and lots of tail slapping beavers. 

Between 1:30-2am the switch was tripped....clouds broke up. Big bright moon and everything came together. 

1st fish was a shorty but confirmed my confidence. 

2nd fish was a shorty my co-angler caught. Double confirmation. 

3rd fish was 23" Brown Trout my co-angler caught. 6.3lbs. 

Made a slight adjustment in location and the race was on. Figured I finished the night with something along the lines of 10 fish- kept a limit. . 

Co-angler did not have the same tools as I had and it mattered last night. After my limit was secured, we switched gear but the fog was starting to dim the lights shined from above.  He finished with 2 keepers and maybe 5 fish total. Although the 6.3lb brown made up for the lack of numbers. 

About 4am I caught my personal best brown and inched even closer to my personal goal. 

24" and 6.1 lbs. Just barely got beat on big fish of the night by a shorter fatter fish.  


Loaded the boat about 6am today in pea soup fog after a very long slow boat ride back to the ramp. Tired, sleepy, back achy but will do it all again very soon.

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