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A limit of lunkers today


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Monday was day 4 of our 28 day fishing trip.  Fishing has been tuff and downright terrible and it started that way again yesterday. We had fished early, took a break,  and came back around 3:00.  Sandy's first drift produced a nice 3lb rainbow. Over the next two hours she caught a 3+ brown, a 3.5 and a 4.5 rainbow. My only job was to run the net and to take pictures. I failed on the picture thing. The bright afternoon sun and my fumble fingers resulted in a lot of glare and a blurred picture of my finger. She was very forgiving. In addition to the 4 lunkers, she caught several other quality fish. I mainly sat in my lawn chair and enjoyed the show. I caught a few as they rolled by me in the shallow water. Changing camera's today to see if it makes a difference. Congrats to my lovely wife on her first limit of lunkers. Once again the fish fought hard and three made full body jumps. 

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@laker67 Congrats to Sandy on her Lunker limit!. I would have loved to seen some pictures, but you must have been doing a lot right as the net man 😁. At times a far more important job on landing those lunkers. Looking forward to hearing more about the rest of your trip. Tight Lines to you both!

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