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2021 fall camp out in the books....

Steve McBasser

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So when you plan a trip for 8-10 guys, 6 months in advance.... you have to take whatever you get on the weather. Thursday and Friday Oct 28th and 29th were pretty raw.... Winds steady at about 25, gusting to who knows what, and pouring down rain. Sounds like perfect weather for catching fish at Stockton Lake. We met for breakfast in Springfield and convoyed up to Mutton Creek arriving about 10am. After setting up camp, only myself and a couple brave souls that weren't afraid to go with me, headed out onto the water to see what kind of bite the wind had stirred up. We ran a few mile up the Sac and pulled up to one of our favorite gravel flats. Caught a 15" white bass on my third cast and then the slug fest began. In four hours we had 3 limits of whites in the boat and a handful of bass up to 3 pounds. The rest of our bunch was afraid to get their boats out so they fished from the bank and caught another handful big, fat, white bass. Needless to say, our Friday night fish fry was covered. Friday was pretty much like Thursday with the howling wind and the pouring rain..... and with the fish biting. Saturday we woke up to clear skies and mild winds and in spite of the bright sun shine we still caught a ton of fish. This was our 11th annual trip to Stockton in the fall and it paid off big time again...  We are looking forward to our spring trip to Campbell Point down at Table Rock now.... Can't wait!









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What a great way to spend a few days with the guys. Last year I slept in a tent. It was 28* on Thursday night, and 26* on Friday. This year I slept in one of the campers.... a 37' Winnabego.....different world for sure. Fun, fishin', food, and fellowship.... It was awesome...

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