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Dam area - 3/25/22

bobby b.

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Got out between 2:30 - 4:30 today - have not been for awhile due to rain and other stuff needing to be done.  Wanted to scout for tomorrow.  Found tons of feeding fish off a chuck rock point in 25 - 40 fow.  Marked more fish than I have in awhile but they were dissing my offerings big time - various swim baits 2/12 - 3 inches in various color plus the usual stuff slab spoon, etc.  Did manage to boat 5 and was disconnected from at least 5 others - one LM, the others Spots - all keepers but shorter than recent catches.   Caught the LM on a Mega plus one jerk bait.  WT 47 deg.  Had lots of fun watching fish chase an A-rig on the Live Scope but would just turn away at the last second.  Saw as many fish on the Live Scope as I ever have.  



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Guided all day today out of Old 86. We cranked some, swam a swim bait some, threw an A-rig some and grinded a hard head some. 

We caught some.  Nothing big but 10 keepers on all the above mentioned baits. Fished from point 5 to the Arkansas line up Long Creek. We probably had close to 30 fish. Like Bobby said, amazing watching them reject your bait on live scope.

I threw a jerk bait but I'm not counting that as I haven't gotten a bite on it all year. 

Where we caught 1 we caught multiple. Lots of zero stops. 

By far the Wobble head was the best bait for both bites and size,  boat in under 20' most all day. Man that cold wind was a Monster. 

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