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Walleye / Crappie Report??


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Went fishing at Turnback just south of the 160 bridge for a few hours last night and caught a few white base, 1 small crappie and a big drum.  Saw lots of people catching white bass.  Wondering if anyone is having an luck on walleye and crappie and general areas / depths they are seeing them.

Whites seemed to prefer chartreuse jigs with white bodies for us last night, marabou or white sliders.  They were deep too, about a foot off the bottom.

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I was out again last night. Did much better as far as walleyes go, between the two of us we had probably 15 fish but mostly shorts. Anywhere from 15-30 feet.

The one big female I caught was still full of eggs so they are not done with the spawn but I suspect we are at the tail end of it. 

Crappie are still tough to find on the main lake. 


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I went out again last night. Came home with a good mess. 

Same story, crappie really deep on the drop shot, 40ft down in ~50ft. The whites and the walleye on points casting at dusk. Probably could've done better on the walleye if I had stayed later, but I pulled out just before 9.

I've always heard jerkbaits are the best, I haven't caught a thing on that $30 jerkbait, crappie jigs have done way better for me.



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