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Shallow Jig Bite

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Just a quick note, SK to point 9 including any coves, pockets or creeks has really stained. Not muddy, but a rich James River Green. 

Steven and I had just some wonderful fish in front of the bushes and around the docks yesterday. 

12’ at maximum, I’m going to say most at 8’ or under.

We threw either a Picasso tungsten 3/8th.  Little Spotty in PBJ or GP Pepper with Yamamoto 4” twin tails same color as the jig skirt and crushed nice fish on it in the stained water. 

We left them biting. With the lake dropping don’t know how long it will last, but if you’re fishing this week it’s working.  

Got  the same identical report from Long Creek. 

Good Luck


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Another report from KC of the exact same bite. 8’ to 12’   3/8 th. GP jig. 

Reports of lots of fish on beds from point 9 to Cow Creek till Friday. That same depth 8’-12’ but most all vacated the beds by Sunday. 

Still lots of cruisers and fry guarders.  Just like Steven and I almost all were either LM or Jaws.  K’s are deeper but the same deal. If you want to catch a derby bag right now, chasers where you find them and big fish shallow. 

The fish we found chasing were keeper quality fish with whites mixed in. No Kentucky’s  If you get around a bunch of the schooling K’s get out of Dodge. They say never leave fish to find fish but 13-14 inch Spots are fun and that’s about it.  ie Ron’s dock up the White. Fun, but nonprofit.  

Good Luck

Thus is current and extremely accurate 1st. Hand Information 


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