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Kim City - June 15 - Deep bite - Topwater & Swimbait

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Finding deep suspended fish has changed for the better in the past week. The early morning post spawn surface activity is starting to happen in multiple locations and this will probably last until July 4th weekend. A lot of the surface activity involves 12-14 inch spots & LM, but some quality fish are also participating. 

Without the appearance of a thermocline, the fish are using a lot of the water column. 

For suspended fish, I  normally start with a hardy 3.3 rage swimmer and if needed I which to a less hardy 2.8 Keitech.

I normally stay off the main lake and look for a combination of bait and deep trees. You do not need big schools of shad in the area to hold fish. It also helps if you can locate a dominate tree with several big limbs. The local fish will ignore the other nearby trees and it will look like a social event is happening in the dominate tree.

I normally try to stay 80' away from suspended groups. When they stop biting you can throw a slab spoon beside the tree and every fish will dart for the spoon like synchronized swimmers and normally one will grab the spoon. But at this point the party is over.

My FFS was set for 40ft down and 100ft out.

WT 80ish







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Love these reports even though I'm primarily a shallow water guy. Well done, Dock ... per usual. And thanks for always including key how-to info.  


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We saw something similar last week.  Some top water some swim baits.  

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I've been catching a few on swim baits too. Pretty fun bite. My little clear spook is awesome too...

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