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Taneycomo 6/21-6/24

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Went down and stayed at Phil's Saturday-Monday to do some fishing. Fortuitously, @JestersHK and @Seth were down as well. Fishing overall was tough during the daylight. And I mean some of the toughest fishing I've seen in a while. Of course, I could've drug scuds and did well, but I just didn't want to do that. So take it with a grain of salt. The jig and jerkbait bite outside of darkness was just rough, though. And it wasn't just me.

DJ and I fished with Blake Harris Friday morning 5-8am and we maybe caught 15 fish. Then I joined DJ, his daughter and her boyfriend, and his brother in law Friday night. Fishing was stellar with the full moon. We caught rainbows, browns, walleye and white bass. I was using a fly rod but the rest used jerkbaits and jigs and did well. 

DJ, Seth and I went out late Saturday night, fishing 11pm-3am out of Seth's boat. We caught a ton of fish on Duane's 762 jerkbaits, with a couple right around 20-inches. And DJ may or mat not have soiled his pants.

Sunday my cousin John came down and we fished 5-dark with jerkbaits and jigs. I caught one, fat 18-inch brown across from Phil's and two other 15-inchers. Other than that, not a single other fish. John and I waded yesterday morning and threw sculpins and caught a few nice rainbows. 

So, I say it was tough, but we still caught fish. It was just a little tougher than normal. Not many pics this trip but got one Friday night. These young guys (I feel like I can call college-aged kids young now) were above us and catching quite a few on jerkbaits. 


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Yep, daytime was brutal outside of that last hour before dark. It was even a struggle for me to catch them on the pink powerworm. They'd nip it, but I couldn't seem to hook them. I could throw a jig and watch fish follow it back to the boat every cast, but I just could not get them to commit and actually bite it. We tried sculpins a couple mornings hoping for some browns and only managed two in two days. One was 12" and the other was 18". It was definitely one of the toughest trips I've had in a long time during daylight hours.

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