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  1. Gonna be an easterly wind over the weekend, so since the fishing is probably gonna suck they can have the whole lake as far as I'm concerned.
  2. Wait....Is this one of those brain teasers? Half the goats jumped the fence....but none got out.....hmmm. ðŸĪ”
  3. Naw he fibbed. He may have hit it during practice, but that isn't where he caught them during the event. Every ditch has the potential to be hot at some time, but Galinipper wasn't one of them at that time.
  4. This is great! 😅 I have so many hilarious/rediculous/insane/stupid dog stories that I won't even attempt to entertain you with them. But I will share the one from LAST NIGHT... So I put in an extra long day at the shop yesterday (since I slacked for 2 days prior due to the insane heat/humidity), and I'm headed to the house right at dark-thirty with Orion by my side. One of those giant black&yellow demon spiders was on a web and I ran my face right into that MF'er. Of course I completely loose my mind and start frantically beating myself upside the head, and Orion is pouncing around and I just assume that he's excited because I freaked out. We go in the house and he's standing there looking at me all weird with his mouth contorted, so I say "What?" He comes over and I reach over and scruff his head.....and he drops this GD spider on my bare foot!!!!! (thankfully dead....but STILL) I went spastic AGAIN and cold-cocked that SOB across the face, then felt bad about it all night because I know he thought he was doing me a favor. He's my best buddy today though so I think he has forgiven me.
  5. No! I'm not a performance tuner by any stretch of the imagination. I'm a mechanic that tunes for longevity. Any performance work I do comes with zero warranty because I admit up-front that I have NO IDEA what I'm doing. Things that are on the verge of grenading scare me. ðŸ˜ģ
  6. A little chop and 45° water.....so they say....is where speed records are set.
  7. We could only get this beast here to 84
  8. These guys have pretty much reached the limit of how fast you can travel on water before you take to the skies. It's becoming a sport where it's not whether you're gonna die.....but when. Pretty stupid IMO
  9. For a 12 pack of MGD I could arrange it. Well maybe not a 200+ boat, but one that gets pretty close. I ain't riding with ya though.
  10. A couple of bass boats run, but they are slower than the pontoons. Spirit of Qatar ruined it for these guys a few years back with a 244 run. Nobody around here will ever beat that. The class that Snagged's neighbor will run in will likely see a 128 American Ethanol took top gun last year with a 204 run.
  11. I crossed under that bridge once on my way to Galinipper creek because Hank Parker LIED to us. ðŸĪŠ It's a gar hole.
  12. Probably bought it to fly to Epstein's island.....but now that that's out, the lake house will have to do. 😆
  13. He might see 90 105 if he catches some air. Thank him for the donation 😊
  14. I have never dumped a canoe when solo. It's always the other A-holes fault.
  15. I'd pay good money to see Pat just backhand bounce that bald head off the passenger window. ðŸĪĢ
  16. Simms will do custom sizing, but it's probably pretty expensive. Maybe not though. Call them and see.
  17. Now that you mention it, I believe so. Before that thing bit me my organ was like a truck axle. A cat couldn't even scratch it.
  18. A friend of ours that owns another marina has a 22 year old son with downs syndrome. He's a great kid although he can't communicate worth a darn......but man that boy can cuss a blue streak ! Isn't that odd?
  19. My grandma on my mom's side never said a cuss word EVER, then in her late 70's she had a stroke and after that the only words she spoke, that could be understood, was cuss words. The rest was garbled gibberish. The F-bombs, the C-suckers, and the GD'its were clear as a bell. 😂
  20. Yep, and keep in mind that if you do splurge on a high dollar pair you MUST have a love affair with them (turning them inside out after every trip and storing them with love) otherwise they won't last any longer than the cheaper pairs. If you're the kinda guy that just throws them in the back of a truck and puts the boots on top of them to keep them from blowing out (like I am) then you might as well just buy less expensive ones of decent quality, and just replace them every few years.
  21. Correct. You CAN be issued fresh numbers when you register/retitle a boat, but if you don't request it they stay the same.
  22. Hodgemann or Simms depending on whether you'd rather spend 300.00 every 3 years, or 600.00 every 6 years.
  23. I'm the type of guy that once I locate a stretch of river (or area of a lake) that I like, I pretty much prefer to visit it again and again instead of constantly looking for different or better spots. One pass on a fishing hole is never enough to truly learn it, and I like being more intimately involved with a stretch of water. Even on these creeks and flats here by my place that I fish constantly, I learn more stuff about them every time I go out.
  24. That stinks! I hear its there feces that causes the organ damage. Did you get treatment Went to the doctor the next day just to see what it was but the swelling had gone down about 50% by then and they didn't even give me an antibiotic shot. My parents were both in the health care field and they looked it up and determined that unless you lived in the close proximity of cattle, hogs, or some other form of livestock, and there was no fever or signs of infection then there was no need (or use) to undergo treatment. After about 4 days the swelling was all gone.
  25. I got bit on the lip by one of those the night before my first day of school as a sophomore. Had to go to school with a lip swollen up like a golf ball. Supposedly it is a kiss of death that will hit you later in life.....but so far I'm still here.
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