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  1. I didn't "call anyone out", and since you've deleted a chunk of the conversation the evidence for me to defend that accusation is gone. Nothing against you, or anyone else, it is just that I can't seem to carry on a conversation with anyone on here anymore without pissing someone off and having to put out those fires all the time. Obviously it's just my personality and the way I talk, not blaming anyone else. I'm not going to put on any phoney act in order to be a part of this place. If everyone can't accept me for who/what I am then I don't belong here. Again, I'm not bitter with anyone here whatsoever, I just don't belong here anymore. Time for me to step out and quit interfering with the way y'all want this place to be. No hard feelings, Peace!
  2. Right on, Quill πŸ˜₯ All good things come to an end. Y'all know how to to find me if you ever want to. Sad day for me. Love you guys. Wrench is gone from here.
  3. You deleted my post because I typed Suzy instead of "Suisilski" (or however he spells it) ? Are you freakin' kidding me ?
  4. Absolutely right. I just have a good bit of respect for Al.....and yes for Suzy too πŸ™„ and if they insist that one is more reliable than the other .....then bygod I wanna try to understand it. In this case however I just can't wrap my head around it. I appreciate y'all trying to explain it to me, but if what you've said up to this point is all you've got..... I'm still not there. All is good, sorry if I frustrated or upset anyone. Did I really not make any good points though ?
  5. As I suspected. A calculation. Highly speculative on a stream with an uneven bottom and ever changing width as water rises and recedes.
  6. I'm assuming that CFS measurements are derived via a "calculation". Does there exist a tool for truly measuring CFS? Because we have TOOLS to accurately measure the level (rise and fall) of the freakin' water!
  7. Are y'all really gonna insist that, regardless of the topography, if there's 75 CFS of water moving....you can easily float the stream ? So many variables there (width, degree of elevation drop, ect.) How is CFS even accurately measured? I mean if you wanted to know with 100% accuracy how would you go about measuring it. What tools would you use?
  8. The one I use (Riverflows.net) updates every hour and I assume they get the data from USGS.... it's just formatted into a more user friendly resource. The only thing they don't show is "median flow" info. (actually it might, if set up correctly in the settings). Here's my face page. Click on any one and it takes you to the real-time guage graph. I highly recommend it, very useful.
  9. That just doesn't compute for me. 4.5' is considerably more than 35cfs. It wouldn't add up using Al's method either. How could it possibly be 6' at 240, and 4.5 at 35 ? Not even possible is it?
  10. Yep, between 4 and 5' on the Mack's creek guage is perfect on the LN. The same level on the Niangua would be "blown out" (if going by level). Or "dry" (if going by cfs). It's 6ft at 240 currently. I've been trying to make sense of Al's 75 CFS theory by going through my old journals (which I quit adding to 9 years ago), and while I'm sure he knows what he's talking about, my numbers don't jive on the entrys where I noted both the level and CFS at the time. In fairness though yours on June 10 2015 don't either. So I guess whichever you choose to follow and rely on.... you'd better stick with it, because relating the two together doesn't seem to work. In my world of reasoning, going by CFS and saying that any river with that much water moving through it is going to be similar makes no sense, because the huge variable is always going to be how narrow/wide the stream is. Going by the level and assuming that 1' is about the lowest it ever gets after a period of little or no rain.....that makes sense to me.
  11. You may be in luck, I want tails with coarse crinkly hair and I'll trade you color for color if I have the colors you want. I know that I have a black, a brown, and a chartreuse tail that has thin straight hair. Tell me your colors and I'll go through my bucktail drawer.
  12. fishinwrench

    What's Cooking?

    We had Turkey Casa Pudding,. tasted ok, looked disgusting so I'll spare you the pic. Oh, and croissant rolls, undercooked because apparently the broiler burner has decided to puke.
  13. Just tell them they can charge you for it and you won't dispute it. At least you'll save yourself from having to piss away a whole day sitting there while they pretend to do something worthwhile.
  14. We must protect the whistleblower. 😎
  15. Electromyography (nerve test) is a BS proceedure that does nothing but inflate your doctor bills. If they suggested that then they aren't trying to cure you, they are just using you to make money.
  16. Lots of county/state revenue gained from the double nickle speed limit. Mack's creek had an abrupt 55 to 40 drop as you entered the "city limits" going downhill, and they wrote so many 60 in a 40 tickets that they were featured on 60 Minutes. A group of Kansas City lawyers kicked off a class action suit after the show aired and 5 lawyers retired fat off of it. The cop responsible for that is now our county sheriff.
  17. I bet it won't work as planned. I tried the rock-rope-truck thing once. What a disaster πŸ™„
  18. The birds make plenty of noise around here when the sun is out and the wind isn't blowing. Cardinals, blue Jays, and crows mostly.
  19. Doesn't it piss you off that the truly good life lessons are never learned until you're too old to gain from them? Younger guys, listen to old men. Listen close!
  20. Looking good! πŸ‘ My experience with bead chain is that it works great for shallow water crappie, but not so good for Whites....who tend to like things moving more quickly. Your mileage may vary, let us know.
  21. Agree wholeheartedly. I loved mine dearly until it finally gave up the ghost. Bought a new "dual fuel" one and it is a POS. Hate it. That's why we decided to try the LED ones. They are the cats behind.
  22. Interesting but......Niangua is definitely floatable at 1.5 @Windyville, matter of fact that's a GREAT time to fish it. But yes you will have to drag a riffle or two until you get below Bennett. At 1' even, the upper Niangua is 89cfs (not less than 75, so I'm not sure how you calculated 1.8 @ 75cfs) and your DEFINITELY gonna be dragging the boat at 89cfs, you aren't gonna be floating that SOB at 75. No freakin'way. So what's the magic CFS number for running the jet jon on any river? Am I to assume that whatever CFS the Niangua@leadmine is at 4.5ft. would be fine for jet jon traffic? Therefore 250-273 cfs ? Thats good for all rivers then? It is on the Niangua from Tunnel dam all the way up to the 64 bridge. But wait a minute, Windyville at 2.8' is 470cfs.(it's 2.89 and 574 right now). Now my head is spinning. Y'all go ahead with your CFS thing, I just can't handle it. 😟 <calmly plugs ears and drives a stick in the mud>
  23. Right. But oddly enough if the guage reads less than 3' it's going to be skinny. It fishes and floats best at 4.5 - 5. The big Niangua on the other hand is on the verge of being blown out at the same headwater guage height. And knowing CFS on the big Niangua above Bennett and the few other springs between Windyville and there is useless info. Again, it's whatever you choose, I was just saying that for ME it works best to know guage height. I'm never in the mood for excessive math. I am rather fond of my old school "stick in the mud" technique. 😊
  24. I never said that. I said....."I can tell you that any river with a guage height of 1.5 ft. is going to be low and barely floatable in spots. "
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