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  1. Well you really missed out yesterday. It was dark and gloomy all day. I was wishing I had some bright yellow polarized glasses, or at least a pair of safety glasses with no tint.
  2. Right of way goes to the paddlecraft. 😎😂
  3. You've set your standards too high, and you need lessons on how to deal with people 😅 "Yo, are you gonna move out of my way, or are you gonna have your woman make me a sandwich and get me a beer?"
  4. Something that looked just like that was hanging out my dogs butt the other day. My wife ordered me to "deal with it" and I firmly refused. It all worked itself out. Surprisingly the thought to go grab it and Texas rig it never crossed my mind.
  5. People swim and sunbathe on the ramps and courtesy dock here all summer long. There are signs that specifically say "No Swimming Off The Ramps".....but they always move to the side immediately to get out of the way, and often lend folks a hand if they need it.....so what's the problem? Besides, some of them aren't at all unpleasant to look at! 😋 I bet if you had hollered at one of the dock guys, and tossed them the keys, they would have fetched your truck/trailer and pulled you out. But yeah I know..... it's so much more satisfying to get pissy and report them to the "authorities". 🙄
  6. Only 10 guys on the whole stream today, reduced to 8 after @laker67 left 😊 Dark, gloomy, nasty day. The fish bit ok though, some pretty decent sized fish in Z2. I hit a 1/2 mile stretch of the river before I went to the park, but didn't do so well down there. Was going to give it another shot right before dark....but the wind got cold and I pussed out.
  7. Woah woah woah......Easy now! Us working guys pay taxes too ! I've been through this BS before, with people throwing a fit because we use the public ramp for business purposes. You were still able to launch and load, right? If so you're just being "one of those guys". 🙄 The direction of the wind is not their fault.
  8. If good numbers of 12-16 inchers make you just as happy as a few hogs then get on Google Earth and locate the furthest upstream deep bluff pool of any river that holds bass. You should find a bunch there.
  9. In prehistoric times the Missouri River probably wasn't the $#!thole that it is now, and was perfectly suitable for goggle-eye. So I'd say the Gasconade inherited them honestly. Tavern has Goggle-eye as well. Maries does not. Little Niangua does not. Weableau does, and it's a trib of Truman. Pomme river does.
  10. So, you don't think USGS got their information from biologists? Bet they did.
  11. Yeah the boat guys and the pooping cranes are ok.....But that dock guy is an IDIOT ! ðŸĪ­
  12. The rainbows at Troutdale hatch in 10-12 days in 54-56° water, and the yolk sack (larval) stage lasts less than a week (typically 4-5 days). That is with absolutely no chemical or alkalinity altering help from biologists. Growth is about 1" per month until they reach 8" then it slows to about half that. They are packaged and sold at 12" and 14" (1.5 - 2 years old). Breeders are 3 years old. Egg to adult yeild is 18%
  13. When my cousin's airbag deployed it knocked his hands off the steering wheel. That doesn't seem like a good thing to have happen if you were negotiating a crash. Jesus, take the wheel ! ðŸĪŠ
  14. Beautiful fish if not for those jacked up tails.
  15. You'd think there would be "some". 12-13 years ago Troutdale ranch produced some brookies, but hasn't had anymore at all for at least 9 years. We still occasionally catch them in Gravois Creek. Cricket even caught one that eclipsed the state record by over a pound about 5-6 years ago on a Clouser while chasing spring run Whites. I caught one on a hopper year before last in the middle of the Summer while trespassing for Smallies. I think trout are alot tougher than people give them credit for.....but then again....all the streams I know about that have naturally reproducing populations never seem to grow big ones. Maybe that's just because the streams are always tiny.
  16. Not sure if fish attempt to lay eggs during high water or not. I don't see why they wouldn't as the current and debris along the bottom remains basically unchanged. The warmer the water the sooner the eggs hatch, right? High water during the spawning period may actually be a good thing.
  17. It's always feels way colder than spring water to me. The White below BS has floodgates and those fish make it happen. And I believe there is successful spawning on the Red. I think Taney, being a lake, just lacks a good number of shoals, and the one good shoal it has gets trampled daily.
  18. Too warm in the spring fed streams they say. 🙄 Too cold(???) in the tailwaters. 🙄 C'mon now ! I'm getting a headache trying to process this. Boots, Horns, and giggers. That's why there aren't more wild trout in MO. 😂
  19. I doubt that the entirety of BS is loaded with zebra's. Likely certain zones are, and if you were to locate similar "zones" in TR I'm sure you'd find some. How thick they are in those zones changes from year to year. We had them real thick in my area of LO about 6 years ago, but they aren't thick at all anymore.
  20. Theoretically if you can turn over rocks and find golden stoneflies, or if you can find baetis mayflys (round headed swimmers), and green cased Caddis worms, then that stream can also support trout, and trout should be able to successfully reproduce. How prolifically they can reproduce depends on the amount of suitable substrate. Clinger mayflys (flat headed rock clingers), scuds, hellgrammites, and black stoneflies mean nothing (troutwise)....but if Black stones are present in good numbers then water quality is considered 👌(as in uncontaminated and with good oxygen content). This is old school information that didn't take a biologist degree to figure out. 😊 Eggs deposited in the runs (where gravel begins turning to sand) are where the best chance of hatching is at.
  21. The fisheries biologist from the Niangua region stands firm in his belief that trout can't successfully spawn in the Niangua, but myself and several others know that isn't true. They absolutely do and I can show you 6-8 places where it happens. Outlaw gigging and you'd see plenty of stream bred Niangua fish. This one took a leech from a red A few babies
  22. I'm sure a few try.... but let's get real here. 🙄 Between the boots and the whistle they don't have a chance.
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