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  1. That actually crossed my mind when I made this. So many people use the foam around the rim like that. I thought maybe a piece of foam camping mat. The modifications on this are endless. Even thought about putting a bucket buddy on this somehow. I didn't want to get too fancy, because eventually, I'll still have to clean the darn thing. When I go cat fishing, my gear gets pretty muddy. Glad you like my idea, my friend! Hope it helps you out.
  2. Everyone has their technique of keeping their drop lines from getting tangled. The most common I’ve seen and done over the years, is to simply hang the hook end around the rim of a bucket. However, the clip ends will soon tangle and cause a mess as well. I came up with a solution that has saved me a lot of torment. I used this most of the summer, and will be making more sets. Hope this helps everyone else out. Here's the link: https://youtu.be/lVRz3E5BLnk
  3. Ya.... I actually had to finish it through because the barb was still inside. At least the point was showing a little before I did it. Very difficult to do to your own kid!
  4. The instructions are what made me think that my video would be a success! So....YES! I have a tent with instructions that were probably written by the same Chinesse girl.
  5. I've had my Jon Boat for several years now, and this summer decided to install a bimini top. I can't believe I hadn't done this years ago. Anyway.... when I went to research these tops, I found very little on Jon Boat bimini tops. The instructions on these things are in broken english at best. After I figured it out, I thought I'd make a video on how to do it and share it with other folks that may be having the same issues. Not sure if this video will load, but I'll give it a try. Hope this helps you all out!
  6. I had rapala needle nose pliers with a wire cutter that couldn't cut through the shank. my son had to wait the 20 minute boat ride back to the ramp where I had some linesman pliers which cut that shank clean off. I felt so bad for him, but he was ready to go out again the next day and do some bass fishing. Tough kid.
  7. well..... we did catch a couple small Blues, but didn't get to put out most of our poles due to an injury that my 15 year old received. Hope to have a better river run next weekend.
  8. We have deep clay banks here. I you can push the rod in 15-24 inches in the clay, it is a booger to pull out. You actually have to pull it straight out with all your might. If there's any bend at all to the rod, it is impossible to pull it out. in fact.... the worse part about using these things is the pain that it takes to get them out of the mud. It's crazy but true. However.... sometimes I see a great location, and the bank is sandy mud.......which doesn't work at all. You get a feel for it after doing it a bunch.
  9. HA! I'd hate for you to put your beer down on my account. It's all good, my friend!
  10. Yes, I write my conservation number all over the rod with a permanent marker.
  11. I have seen a lot of these rigged with only a string going through the hole. The string over time will fray and bust. The hog ring with the swivel is definitely unique. It should save you from having to restring, or worse yet...... lose a big catfish. As far as I know, this is an original thought and I thought I'd share it to help others.
  12. Killing the cats on these fiberglass bank poles. I thought I'd share how I make them (the way I attach them is a bit unique). I do a quick release line on mine that I think is easier to hang and take off while in the current of a big river. Anyway..... hope someone enjoys this. I set a bunch out tonight and will be getting up early to check'em. Got some trotlines out as well. Found a nice 40 foot hole below a wing dike tonight! Can't wait til morning! Here's the video: https://youtu.be/hJyS1NhDS0A
  13. I've never had any issues with rod tip wear. I imagine if a fellow actually 'stored' these on this rack it might happen over time, but just transporting them has worked for years without issues. If there's any worry, you could felt the rings or rubber coat them. As far as sagging.... I have 1 long ultra-light that will sag, so I just put it in first diagonally then it rests on the rods underneath it. One good thing about securing this rack with topper clamps is the fact that you can adjust the span between the bows. That would help cater to the more slow action rods if the span was brought in. My long rods have to go in diagonally anyway because my truck bed is short. My catfish rods and saltwater rods break-down, so that's how they fit in straight. Hope this helps.
  14. I should have shown my 7 footers in there. I criss-cross them and it works great. short rods in the middle and long rods diagonal.
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