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  1. Haha, man that's a tank bow. Looking good as usual.
  2. Some good looking chunks there! Glad you were able to find them. I lol'd once you explained spaghetti and meatballs. That's hilarious and I've never heard it called that before.
  3. Fishing the other half of a day can be rewarding. I'm slowing down... I'm still chasing them, but the marathons are getting harder to recover from lol. As long as they are biting I'll fish till the sun comes up lol.
  4. You going to try and fish at night Ryan? Good luck out there. I'm camping this weekend or I'd be down there...
  5. Nice brownies! Stick with that jerk early morning! Earlier the better. Have had best bites right at dawn. Hope you get to stick a big one!
  6. I mean keep that swan out of the main boating channel and at least you have better visibility for avoidance if you are running up versus a kayak LOL. That'd be interesting report to file if someone would hit a giant swan though...
  7. Nice job on the catching. Someone in a kayak is going to get killed out there in the fog. I'm not talking about the intelligent folks who are kayak fishing or actually hugging the banks staying out of the main channels, it's the goobers out there in the middle, who are totally clueless, and the ones who will cut right in front of you where you're fishing... My rule #1 applies to these idiots. And now we have jet skis up by the cable lol. Wonder what's next...
  8. Nice catches brother! Glad you and the fam were able to make it out and have a great day in the salt.
  9. Thats pretty wild. Is that the lowest you've ever seen it @Phil Lilley? Not good for the bug population at all I bet... Seems its from one extreme to the other.
  10. That's awesome! Tell the young lady nice job and congrats.
  11. Awesome as usual. How picky are those fish on a hatch like that?
  12. Beautiful brownie there Phil.
  13. Good times indeed buddy! We need to do it again soon.
  14. I figured it could be a fake. I do know there are some big ones out there, but that one looked insane.
  15. Not sure of the validity or if it's 100% real but wow if it is. I don't Facebook so got it from a buddy...
  16. I think they said he pocketed close to $150,000 in tournament winnings... The damage he did to that tournament circuit you'd of thought they would of exposed him sooner. If I was the author of that article I bet he sleeps with one eye open for a while.
  17. It's crazy that they can push 20k cfs non stop yet you can watch TR continue to creep up... Allot of water indeed.
  18. That is wild looking there on its fin. Glad you and the Mrs. Put a whacking on em. You def are living right and have them figured out. I may need to come see ya in August so you can give me some Jedi training on the long rod before I go to CO lol. That's if you are taking on apprentice padawans. Beautiful fish as usual. Thanks for sharing.
  19. Yeah I had only watched the video earlier... I finished reading the article and WOW! I mean he basically tried to straight up potentially kill those dudes if he did in fact loosen the lug nuts on their trucks and trailers. Creeping around dudes houses and threatening kids... Thats just nuts.
  20. Man, surprised we don't see him with some monster spoonbill as he's got a good technique going there! Makes ya wonder don't it, I'm sure it happens more often than we can imagine in the high speed low drag Johnny extreme world of fishing we live in nowadays. Likely felt the pressure from social media to deliver, or needed some more sponsors or sponsor's dollars so fishing morals go out the window in order to deliver...
  21. That's awesome! Looks like a great couple days on the water with the family. Had pretty decent weather too for the most part minus the storms on Sunday.
  22. HAHA, I actually though about throwing a small rapala, but the jigs were working and I was short on time... I stood in some of those same spots that you fished in 2016. I tried to fish some of the areas you mentioned but the run off was crazy when I was out there. This September I'm looking forward to more favorable water. We leave Friday and will fish along the way, prolly stay the night in Estes park and fish around there until we hit the lodge on Sunday through Thursday. Estes Park and the waters around it were cool, but I caught more fish and thought the scenery was better on the Pan. I did not go up into the mountains in Estes as I was again just short on time passing through, so plan is to go up up up this time. I'd like to catch a greenback this time around.
  23. I fished those and bead head nymphs, although my bigger fish I caught came on a sculpin flavored jig on 2lb test. Yes I know using a spinning rod is impure LOL but the reults speak for themselves hahaha
  24. I'll be hitting you up for sure! One of my favorite pics of the trip
  25. I fished it last year for about 4 hours on my way back home from Arizona. I caught some just beautiful browns and rainbows including a 16in fat brownie. My wife rented a lodge for me for a fathers day gift that also has almost a mile of private access to the river right off the back porch. I'm counting down the days for sure as its just amazing and beautiful out there. I here there are some huge fish up by the Dam too. A very special fishery for sure.
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