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  1. https://www.twinlakeswalleyeclub.com/
  2. Great Day! What were the size ranges of the keepers?
  3. They are out past the bushes. Find the bushes, start working the deep side and keep pulling off to the lake side until you find them. 25 to 35 FOW.
  4. Jeremy. I hope I didn't step on any toes putting this here on the forum.
  5. USGS Hydrologist Speaker in Mountain Home Next Week
  6. USGS Hydrologist Speaker in Mountain Home Next Week
  7. USGS Hydrologist Speaker in Mountain Home Next Week
  8. Not sure Im supposed to announce this but it seems like great info for all of us. Special Joint Meeting of Twin Lakes Walleye Club & Lake Norfork Striper Club Guest Speaker is Dr. Reed Green. Dr. Reed Green is a Hydrologist / Adjunct Professor with the USGS. Dr Green specializes in watershed hydrology and reservoir limnology, hydrodynamics and water-quality interactions, nutrient and phytoplankton dynamics. Reed's current research includes studies involving real-time water-quality monitoring and 2- and 3-dimensional models of hydrodynamics and water quality in lakes and re
  9. I was lucky to find a dock with adjoining property on that part of the lake. I am even luckier to have some of the best neighbors ever. Now if I can get my life moved down there life will be great. Once I get down there maybe you can come show me around the area and do some fishing.
  10. I just discovered Jigfest and I would like to attend this year. Is this a loose schedule as far as a big get together or fish fry?
  11. That may be a good way to get started. Im not sure that I'd have much luck at any big catfish but pretty much everything (other than Bass) is legal down here. Im not too proud to shoot a big bluegill or crappie!
  12. If I had to guess I will be doing more asking and listening for a good while but I will share fishing reports. It will probably be a good couple years before I am able to get into the spear fishing but you bet I will share those experiences, Im sure it will be amusing. I may even wander up your way or down to the white river to catch some trout as that would be yet another new experience for me. It is really kind of crazy to even consider all the different fishing opportunity within an hours drive. World class small mouth in Crooked Creek, Trout in the White and TaneyCoMo, Stripper
  13. I thought I had posted here on the forum before but I cant find any of those posts so Im doing an intro. Im in the process of selling the MO farm, moving to Bull Shoals and doing a LOT more fishing. I love smallmouth but I have a lot more experience in creeks and streams than lakes. Im planning to stick close the middle of the lake, learn the lay of the land and try to get better at catching big bluegills, crappie, walleye and of course smallmouth. Eventually I would also like to get into scuba diving and maybe spear fishing some catfish. I mean when you combine scuba, fishing and huntin
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