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  1. Sorry. I left right after I posted that and didn't think to check my phone after I got down there.
  2. Anybody want to ride to Bennett tommorrow? Looking to get in a quick fix. Planning on being back by dinner time. Leaving from Lee's Summit.
  3. The phone number for real time conditions just rings and rings. 4173365083. Is there another number?
  4. Ended up taking my 7 year old grand daughter to Bennett. She cleaned up with her fly rod. Awesome day. Waiting on pics. Thanks for all the replies.
  5. what amazes me is I was down there in my bass boat when they were running all 4 units. The kayakers were everywhere. This was about 5 weeks ago. To me it wouldn't be fun to just zip on down the lake. I'm not sure if they are even aware of generation. You really couldn't run because of other boats drift fishing and the kayakers out in the middle. One girl deliberately got in the way of boat traffic and then flipped boat drivers off. It was nuts. I kinda wanna try it at 35 tomorrow just for the experience.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I didn't realize I had posted twice.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I may just take the boat or yak and be ready for anything. I've been a few times but it's either been shut off or at least a couple of units.
  8. I tried to search to no avail. The chart shows 35 megawatts all day Sat and Sun. Is that to much to wade? The way I understand it that is less than half of one unit.
  9. That comment wasn't directed at just crossflows. My experience with old outboards in general. I'm going thru the fuel system on my '93 50hp now. But the starting and ignition have been perfect. More than I could expect for its age.
  10. I believe that was a crossflow but can't say for sure. You have a very valid point. Reliability really should be above all else for a fishing moter. I've had several of these old omc's that did great for a long time. But when things started going it was one thing after another. The crossflows versus Looper really comes into play on the bassboats. Do the crossflows make their power at lower rpm? Do the loopers make more power but at higher rpm and does that help top end? Does it matter to anyone but hot Rodders and tournament fisherman?
  11. I believe loopers are much better engines than crossflows.
  12. Thanks for the advice. Tilt and trim work better than ever now. Can't wait to get out!
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