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  1. What area of the lake was the tournament?
  2. I took these pictures Saturday from our pontoon at Eagle Rock. The main concentration was definitely around eagle rock but did find dead fish all the way to Holliday Island. I would say we saw at least 50-60 dead fish or dieing fish. 90% were walleye and the majority were quality fish. (One had to be pushing 12 pounds). A few were bass and carp but mostly walleye. Hated to see them go to waste.
  3. I'm interested. Do you have a page with the info on it?
  4. Thanks for the information guys. I really appreciate it.
  5. Yes sir I do. When I say new to the area. I mean actually living in Springfield. I fish tournaments on table rock and Stockton as much as I can.
  6. I'm new to the area and have a basstracker with a 40 HP and want to fish fellows and Springfield lake/ the James River. I know the hp restrictions in place but my question is on Springfield and the james river access by 65, can I use my boat if the motor is tilted up and or prop off and just using the trolling motor? I love river fishing but want to do it right. Also, is fellows decent in the winter for bass? Appreciate any info. Thanks
  7. I did some research and if the throttle cam roller is missing or cracked, it will do as you described. Going to check it when I get home. Looks like I need to go prop shopping after I get the other stuff figured out. I will check the tach as well. Thanks.
  8. I bought the boat in February so I have not messed with that part of it so I probably should check that. I'll check that first then see about the timing/sync issue. I appreciate the help guys.
  9. Thanks for everyone's reply. The max rpms I've got it to was 4500 and 42 mph. I do have a hydrostabilizer on it as well so definitely do not have any problems getting out of the hole. I think I have a shift linkage issue as well that I why I can only get it to 4500 rpm, but at the same time it's a old motor and I don't care to push it to the max. I will try finding a 21 pitch that doesn't cost me a arm and a leg. Like I said it's a project boat but I don't mind spending a little to gain some speed. I plan on leaving the stabilizer on because I've been in plenty of Rangers that are heavyyyy boa
  10. Sorry I do not have pics, my camera on my phone is hit and miss. I got to use your shaky head green pumpkin blue flake worms yesterday. They worked flawlessly. My wife and I caught 25-30 lm/k's with 3 keeps. Great product that has alot of action. Half of them were a little soft which only lasted about 1 fish before it would be tore up but besides that they were great. Thought I would give you a little feedback on them and cant wait to try the other goodies you sent me. Thanks again!
  11. I have a 1978 150 Johnson that runs strong as it could be. When i bought the boat, it came with the 19 pitch 3 bladed prop that I am currently using. I was curious to get some opinions on what the right pitch of prop I should use on this older motor? I have a 86 Ranger with the 78 150. I'm not looking for a speed boat by any means but I wouldn't mind gaining a little speed without hurting my engine. Its a project boat but hey I have to start somewhere. I don't want to push my limits on over working the motor. Thanks!
  12. I am a big fan of Palaniuk, Evers, and Swindle. I hope any three of them get the chance to win but would love to see Swindle get a win. The poor guy needs a pick me up after the Guntersville showing he had and i think he's due for a win. I've had the privilege to meet Gerald a couple of times and he has always been a class act. All three are great guys and there are many other great guys on the tour that I am looking forward to watching next weekend!
  13. I am curious about this as well. I havnt been out there yet but hoping the water temp will warm up this week and they start moving up the arm.
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