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  1. https://spiraliterods.com/product/maverick-casting-7-6-medium-heavy-fast/ Great rod and only $115. All my buddies out west swear by em too.
  2. Noticed this as well back in mid July when I was last out there. Guessing with the hot water, and lack of oxygen due to less vegetation with the water so low, maybe caused the fish too much stress producing extra mucus (green/brown slime you saw on them) and eventually killed them off? Did you talk to MDC about it?
  3. That night bite has been hot last couple weeks for me too. Nice work!
  4. The green stuff makes it good. Don't wish it away...
  5. Sorry to cause so much hub bub. The record is still safe...until I get back on the water in a couple weeks
  6. I think this story is what may have caused the hype and misinterpretation of the rumors.
  7. As mentioned this is all hear say still. I was hoping someone on here would have more info then what I got.
  8. Somehow we go from potential state record smallies to drowning crickets...
  9. I make them misfitfishingco.com and local to southwestern MO
  10. I agree there. A lot of meat fisherman up there. Im obviously too young to remember how the lake was back that far ago but in my time I have seen a change. Still catch good bass up there but not like it used to be for sure. Stocking yellow perch would be interesting. I've seen them a lot in Bull Shoals. Provide more forage for the fish
  11. The biggest I've caught up there was right at 4lbs so I naturally was quite surprised to hear of a fish potentially easing out over 7lbs
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