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  1. im in next year if Mercury can get there act together
  2. Hot darn ...that sounds like some fun was had
  3. thanks wrench...I hear ya....just want to have a nice boat to fish Im a simple guy...Mercury seems a mess right now
  4. it was running like a scalded dog up until it didnt I wa running about 25 mph and maybe 2800rpm whhen it quit
  5. break in was perfect...30 hour oil and lube change was perfect what could go wrong?
  6. Im pretty much pissed off...but im trying not to be I asked about the warranty...its still good thinking about buying the mercury 6 year thing
  7. got lucky, Ulrich looked at it. Cant even get the valves to open. Pretty sure its a broken timing chain. New powerhead time
  8. Im just gonna leave it at Ulrich thanks guys
  9. they are six to eight weeks out...anybody else out there that wants to make some money
  10. new motor...just quit on me Saturday...50 hours...kill switch... check...gas...check...fuses... check....still cranks Im in ptsd mode...any repair shop suggestions? Sorry, I know this is a fishing forum and I cant fish never thought I would be in this position or that guy
  11. hot darn, its so much fun......What are yall throwing?
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