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  1. just Google up shooting on the frisco trail in Willard Missouri and it tells you all about it
  2. Phil text me about the picture thing he said he was trying to work on it. Have a great day
  3. Yes sir I was shot in Willard on the frisco trail.
  4. David's got shiners and regular minnows up at baitmaster
  5. Hope everybody has been doing good and catching some fish I haven't been able to go in a while maybe this spring later found out my dad is very sick and has to have heart surgery so I got to be there for him. Been a crazy year the past year trying to get healed up after being shot and everything and wanting to go fishing and then not feeling good and I'm finally back on My feet again sure has changed my life a lot. Can't seem to get on to my old account and I'm going to ask you all the question I'm not able to see pictures on here like I posted in the past or anybody else's is there something
  6. I guess it's been a long time since I've been on here after I was shot and everything out in Willard mo. can't find a way to get into my old account but my dad's very sick he has to have open heart surgery so please pray for him I sure would like to have another year-round going fishing with him. It's pretty hard to see my dad and that's kind of shape if I could give him my heart I would but the Lord doesn't work in those ways I don't think. We all have a calling and the time and sometimes it runs out and sometimes hecarries us on. Have a good day
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