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I had the pleasure of fishing with MR. NED today. Three days in a row attempting to train another Yankee. This time, a soon to be 70  type Yankee boy. I have known Dave for a few years, but never had the privilege of fishing with this fine young man. This guy has a heart as big as his 21 ft Ranger and is so willing to help others to catch fish. He gave me lesson A,B, and C by 8 A.M. and this guy can flat catch fish. This man has a love affair for those brown fish that is incredible. I do think it's a one way love affair; as one of those big brownies whispered to me , and asked, when is this machine going home. I think every smally within a mile of Kim City has been caught several times. Yes boys, I got spanked severely today by a great fisherman, but I did get the last laugh. Dave broke off a fish and 2 minutes later I caught a fat spot with about a foot of line and a ned rig completely down the gullet. Dave gently pulled on the line and it came straight out and yes, it was Dave's ned. It just happened to be his double secret color (now I have one). What a guy...........takes you fishing, trains a Yankee, gives you his fish, and gives you his secret bait.What a guy!!   Thanks again for a great day on the Water with a great guy. Good luck and God bless You!!


P.S. Just maybe Dave will post the picture to support my story.

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Just two Yankees, unless you count me. I'm in recovery.


This is Mr Lucky Bass. Pretty much as Spoony said. Swung on a fish, quick break off. Went back thru the same area, might have been 5 minutes or so, and he hooks up.

We wanted to snip off the line hanging out of his mouth. I pulled on it a little and it just kept coming. Next thing I see is a genuine Ozark Finesse Head coming out. Apparently never hooked, and she had just started swallowing the tail.

Fun times with another super OA member. We have a scary amount of lake knowledge on this forum and a surplus of good folks.

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First half of the day was a grind. The afternoon boat wakes were a huge help later. Fake wind.

Clear nights are killing temps here, slow until they bounce back. More bucks up. Have the sense a lot of fish are paired up and listening to Barry White. Just can't see them for the color.

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I hope the state record smallmouth will be taken out of Table Rock soon. I cant believe it hasn't yet actually. Why is Stockton any different? They have the record, and had one close last year. Just don't get it.

"Honor is a man's gift to himself" Rob Roy McGregor

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Dang it!! If that is the rule then I am a northerner....I am exactly one mile north of the interstate here in Omaha! 

Also - this is our normal fishin duds...what us nofers like abut it other than being polyester is that it is permanent press!!


jump suit.jpg

A Cornhusker

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I thought a Yankee was anyone born North of Georgia....Since i was born and raised in Florida and lived there for 42 years, so i would be kind of considered a Florida redneck...:rolleyes:

I know everything about nothing and know nothing about everything!

Bruce Philips

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