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Sharks in the Mississippi

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I can tell you for certain Bull Sharks  will come into fresh water. I havevno idea how far. There is ample truthful documentation of that on the internet I can also remember the I cam remember that guy that had thevfishing show going all over the world to catch big fish catching a Bull Shark in the Mississippi river. I think it is a lot of B S there are damns down stream from thay area. 

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They caught a bull shark around St Louis in the Mississippi.  You can google it up.

Officially, bull sharks have made it up the Mississippi as far as Illinois. In the town of Alton, Illinois, which is above St. Louis, two commercial fisherman caught a bull shark in the river. This shark had been raiding their fish traps, and they decided to catch the culprit once and for all. They set a big trap, one that would catch the biggest muskellunge or pike.  They were certainly shocked to find that it was a shark raiding their traps.

With picture.


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I have never heard of a great whie going that far up a freshwater river.  a quick read of the article seems like it was reported but the sharks were not captured or killed yet.  so I am gonna guess they are really bull sharks, but stranger things have been found.

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