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Bridgeport/ James/ Flat creek......CRAPPIE 4-9

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Launched at Bridgeport a little after 7 this morning water temps around 59,tried my normal spots at BP with no luck decided to run up the James a little.   Caught a keeper here and there.  Kinda like other people are saying 1 or two per brush pile and then move on to the next.   Drove all the way up to McCords Bend.  Didnt see anything that got my blood flowing so decided to run to Flat Creek and see if i could get back there without ruining a prop.   Water was very muddy at the mouth but when you got passed the bridge it was nice and clear and 64 degrees.  I caught a limit in no time once i got back there, No secret spots. Just casted my 1/32 ounce jig in there with a weighted bobber at any brush they would eat it.  They were a lot more bunched up in Flat Creek.  Loaded up a little after 2 with a limit.  Tried a lot of different colors, had the best luck on Blue Thunder.      Good luck!!!

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Nice report, were they on the banks with brush or out deeper in submerged brush?

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